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Virtual Earth

Handpicked sites with great presentation of geography-information


Walking far away ( in Russian, but with interesting pictures) | Death Valley from there | more USA
The Basque Country
California Missions web index
Road signs, mills, and more..
Photo-essay about european countries - European Photo Album

Here is the collection of links to the internet travel sites which use similar technology to provide you opportunity to travel virtually: Virtual City index.

Cape Cod - New England: "It has been a long, cold winter on Cape Cod, but with a few warmer days, the ice has melted and there are hints of spring".. - hundreds of pictures.

Web World Tour ( French)
Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
Sundial, calendar and Khmer temples
Texel - a Dutch island below sea level
Argentina - photos which I like ( pop-ups )

Russia and Africa by James Richmond, Canada | Also the fantastic presentation of Mongolia
Wiri Worlds - Russian Arkhangelskoe and Sakharov Museum

California aerial images blog


Handpicked sites

Cupola - galleries of historic architecture, art, and picturesque landscapes.
Zen Garden, Zen Art, Salt Sauna -  Palo Alto based artist, Euro Zen Design



BigHappyBuddha - BigHappyBuddha is your online source for everything Buddha! We have a huge selection of Buddha Statues for Home & Garden, Wind Chimes & Bells, Buddha T-Shirts, Spiritual Coffee Mugs, Buddhist Gifts & lots of Incense & Aroma therapy Oils too!



The Walking Cane Store - Walking Canes for ladies and gentlemen, featuring daily as well as designer selections. "The place where all the distinguished people meet!"

The Globetrotters Club, the ultimate travel club. - The Globetrotters Club is a international network for independent travelers around the world. If you'd like you can join them, receive their bimonthly newsletter and membership listing offering hospitality, into and advice.

Running, Jogging and Walking Information Up to date information on running races and events with free listing. Home of the 4 Year Training Log for runners, walkers and joggers, Festival listings, Home and car listings. - San Francisco Electric Tour Company is the first and only company to offer tours of the San Francisco waterfront on the world's first and only self-balancing electric transport mechanism, the Segway.

Hiking Forum - from Backpacker magazine. It looks like a number of companies started their hiking forums. I guess to attract attention to their crappy websites. But the idea has merits. Here I've chosen one which looks most respectable for me from hiking point of view. It may attract some adventurers to virtual hiking trips!


Chanel Sunglasses - Authentic Chanel Sun Glasses available in Men's, Women's, & Unisex styles.  

Southbounders: A Film About a Journey on the Appalachian Trail.

Rufus Guides



Enchanting music by pianist and composer from Carmel Jonathon Lee, including Golden Gate Bridge music CD



Golf Schools - Complete online golf instructions and tips with links to golf schools across America.



Short Story Stats - Links to Short Stories & Novels.
"The World I Left Behind" - As dramatic as a russian novel, the memoir of Leonid Brezhnev's niece


San Francisco Accommodations at Golden Bear Inns - Three historic homes centrally located in San Francisco offering bed and breakfast.

Tech Support of Your Journey


More Links

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