General questions

- The pictures are too big.
It happens when you have smaller 600x800 screen and your browser window does not take all available space. Run your Internet Browser in full screen mode. For Internet Explorer on MS Windows, press the F11 keyboard key. ( And the same F11 key to toggle back ). Or go to the View menu and choose Full Screen. Also right-click on the toolbar if it is visible and Auto-Hide it.
For Netscape, go to the View:Show/Hide menu and uncheck all submenus.

- Where can I find more information about San Francisco?
There is an excellent San Francisco travel guide from DK Publishing:
- Music?
No music. This is too personal. Put on your favorite CD and play.

CD-related questions

- The game does not start itself.
It happens with some very old CD-ROM drives. Look at the desktop. Find the "My Computer" icon. Double-click it. Now you see all drives.
Find your CD-ROM drive icon. It should be called SANFRANCISCO. Double-click it. Now you see all files on this drive.
Double-click the "DragMeToWebBrowser" icon. Your Internet Browser starts.
That's it. Go ahead. Internet connection is not required.
- When I double-click the "DragMeToWebBrowser" icon nothing happens.
Open your Internet Browser. Drag "DragMeToWebBrowser" to it.
- I have Windows XP. When the CD is inserted, the "What do you want Windows to do?" dialog pops up. What should be my choice?
If it happens, click "Open folder to view files." Then double-click "DragMeToWebBrowser" or drag it to a browser as is explained above.

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