Triz Literature in Igor Polk's Possession


TRIZ Books


"Творчество как точная наука, TRIZ", Moscow, 1979
G.S.Altshuller, "Technical Creativity as an Exact Science. Theory of Inventive Problem Solving", in Russian

A cornerstone book of TRIZ. Contradictions, principles, problem formulation, methods, laws ( "trends" ), ARIZ methods, standards, physical effects. I have bought this book in 1980.

There is a translation:

"Creativity as an Exact Science", Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, 1984

Poor quality translation with multiple mistakes, but it gives a good overview, and it is complete.


"Поиск новых идей, от озарения к технологии", Kishenev, 1989
G.S.Altshuller, B.L.Zlotin, A.V.Suzman, V.I.Filatov,
"New Idea Search, from Enlightenment to Technology", in Russian

This is the most fundamental of TRIZ books. Never translated to English. This is the TRIZ encyclopedia ( includes functional-cost analysis ), a fundamental philosophical treatise and collection of all TRIZ tools.
The title of this book is also known as "From Insight to Methodology; The Theory and Practice of Inventive Problem Solving", see below.


"Дерзкие формулы творчества",
"Wild Formulas of Creativity", in Russian, Karelia, 1987

G.S.Altshuller, "Wild Formulas of Creativity". Fundamental TRIZ ideas;
"Magical Crystal of Physics", Collection of authors. Thirteen classes of physical effects;


"Нить в лабиринте",
"Thread in a labyrinth", in Russian Karelia, 1988

I.M.Vertkin, "Fighting and Searching.. About Traits of a Creative Individual";
Ju.P.Salamatov, "Heroism on Molecular Level". Chemical effects;
G.S. Altshuller, "Small Infinite Worlds". Standards of inventive problem solving;


"Правила игры без правил",
"Rules of Fighting without Rules", in Russian, Karelia, 1989

G.S.Altshuller, "ARIZ Means Victory", Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving;
I.L.Vikent'ev, V.I.Efimov, "A Curve which is always Helpful", Some unusual geometrical effects used in inventions;
B.L.Zlotin, A.V.Zusman, "Come to Proving Grounds", Practicing to solve inventive problems, TRIZ contradiction matrix with methods;


"Месяц под звёздами фантазии",
"A month under the Stars of Fantasy", by Zlotin, Zusman, in Russian

A practicum of TRIZ problem solving for teenagers. Written as a fascinating story. Very useful.


"Изобретатель пришёл на урок",
"An Inventor Came to a Lesson", in Russian, Kishenev, 1990

Another practicum of TRIZ problem solving for children. Very useful.


"Tools of Classical TRIZ",
by Altshuller, Zlotin, Zusman, in English, 1999

An english text of laws, ARIZ, inventive principles, contradiction table, standards, effects. This is a modified and shortened version of "New Idea Search, from Enlightenment to Technology".


"Innovation on Demand",
by Victor Fey and Eugene Rivin, Cambridge University Press, 2005


"TRIZ, Technology for Innovation",
by Isak Bukhman, 2012


"TRIZ, Engineering of Creativity",
Semyon D. Savransky, 2000

Dr. Savransky lives in San Francisco Bay Area


Not TRIZ books about the similar topic


"Tektology", by Alexander Bogdanov, 1913-1917,

This is an english translation of a russian fundamental book which put the start of "Systems Science". This book is immediately helpful for inventors and especially trained in TRIZ since it shares the same philosophy.


"Creative Problem Solving, Total Systems Intervention"
by Robert L. Flood, Michael C. Jackson, 1991


"Organizations as Complex Systems"
by Maurice Yolles, 2006


"Unified Structured Inventive Thinking, How to Invent",
E.N.Sickafus, 1997