Lexy's Buenos Aires, 2008

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Hola, mis amigos,
news from Buenos Aires!

We've been here for almost 2 weeks, and it's been quite an experience.  The first week was intensivo tango master classes, it was absolutely amazing: the tango partners we got for the workshops were excellent dancers, all professional teachers and performers. 
All in all, it was a great experience,as my sis wrote in her email to me :"are you still.dancing with young, amazing and delicious dancers?" And she was right...
Now our tango week is over, the delicious dancers are gone, y-day I had a private class with one  of them.  oooooo, no words.  Feels like I'm becoming a delicious dancer myself.  Planning to take 1 or 2 more with another one from the class, though that one doesn't speak English.  But I want is to practice the material of the week, so it's fine, and I know why I've chosen those 2. I cann't even tell you what a pleasure it is to dance with guys of that level of dancing.

Buenos Aires is a very interesting city, very interesting. Reminds me so much of my life in Russia in the 70s and 80s.  Same stuff.  But...no one speaks English, ou.... Nicole speaks Spanish, and I'm her silent partner when we are somewhere.

The weather is a killer  87 to 93 every day with 90 % humidity.  Right now we kind of accepted the fact it won't change.  But anyway no air, no breathing, and you are covered with "sour cream" all the time: the minute you get out of the shower.

Started going to milongas, and are invited non-stop.
Have found one pair of tango shoes, and it will be ready in 2 weeks.

You'd have so much fun watching me surviving with 3 and a half words of Spanish (the last 3 days Nicole and I have different schedules and I am around the city by myself a lot).  In a strange way all the languages I know got mixed up in my head, and to thank anybody I all of a sudden always say DANKE.
And ordering food is another anecdote.  Yesterday I ended up in McDonalds.  I can order in coffee shops and meat cafes and restaurants (we'd done it with Nicole before).  Parillas (pronounced parishas) are a dream - separate dishes from all parts of a cow.  When we come back, we'll probably have eaten any possible part.  Very inexpensive and very tasty.  Today N. is on a blind date the whole day, and I had a leisurely lunch sitting in an armchair outside some restaurant drinking coffee and eating blood sausage that had just been cooked and wrapped. 

The weather y-day and today is at last human (from 55 to 75), and I even was able to put on jeans and my plashch.  But tomorrow is already 85...

  Anyway, we are enjoying our staying here, walking for hours (the ap. is great, but far from subte, and actually it's flat, and in good shoes you can walk for hrs) Walk a looooot, my new sandals are the best shoes I've ever had, I can walk in them for days. Lost weight, we are in a good shape, and feel well.

Alka (Alla in BsAs is pronounced Asha, so Asha it is)







Many thanks to Alla and all other Tango aficionados !

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