Tango as Art

Igor Polk, July 19, 2007

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NN said: "My point is that art is difficult to Define... I can only speak from my own experience and my view of tango as an art form. On a social level, it is not art. "

Art belongs to what you create wholeheartedly, with all your soul. In general sense it is Creation.

Art is a specific part of Creation. Other things, which are part of the Creation may include scientific work, managerial work. And growing vegetables, and household work - anything. They all could be Creation. Or not. It means they all can be done with the same level of inspiration. Or not.

Usually, Art is distinguished from them by the filed: Painting, Dancing, and so on. What people usually consider to be an Art.

But one can talk about Scientific art, or Art of Electronics... In this sense, the art differs from technology in the way that it and the result of it are so complex so it is done by intuition. Not because it can not be learned and researched, but because it is too complex, unique.

Art requires certain level of perfection. If it is not perfect enough - it is not art. That is reflected in feelings: what is not perfect - requires some extra effort to do, to work with - it does not feel good, therefore it is not art. It is an attempt to make art.

In another way, there are 2 definitions of art. First, art as the way of creation, when the creator experience heavenly pleasure, and second: the result of it, product, which is often on sale. I believe the first one is the true one. It seems to me, you too. The second one - it is just something to pay money for.

In this sense, any social dance done with heart, creatively, intuitively, with enjoyment is art. That is one of the advantages of Tango. It allows people experience the joy of creation with the simple means, and enjoy the artistism of it if it feels well. Tango dancing as difficult as it is, is not difficult in comparison to most other artistic activities.

PS, The tricky question is "What is the painting on my wall - isn't it art then?".
Answer: it depends on the way you are looking at it.

There is the Art of Enjoying Painting. Or not...


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