Dancing under the Rainbow.
Photographs from Denver Tango Labor Day 2007

Photography Igor Polk, August-September 2007

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Denver 2006



In the August I have visited my tango friends at the Labor Day Tango Festival in Denver.

Tango Orchestra - Tango orchestra Extasis surprised me with its excellent truly professional performance and deep understanding of principles of tango music. They played new tangos which were perfectly in line with old masterpieces. That is the way I would like to see tango music developing.

Dancing under the Rainbow - Milonga under the rainbow.

 - Rain over Denver. View from my room. Rain over Denver

Give your child a new world!- Give your children a new Blue world - teach them Tango!


- Good bye Denver !
Good bye Denver!









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My name is Igor Polk. I dance Argentine tango in San Francisco.

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