Eva Lucero and Patricio Touceda

Igor Polk, 2005 April 23

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Yesterday evening I had an honor to take the Patricio and Eva from Seattle tango class. ( Eva and Patricio Photo ) They are on an important business trip here and I am so glad that Patricio was able to find time to give his first lesson in San Francisco. It happened at Monte Cristo milonga hosted by Gary Weinberg.

Patricio and Eva, originally professional dancers from Argentina, are the stars of Portland Tango Festival. I was there 2 times and both times they presented the last dance in the show - the culmination dance. Highest level of performance, brilliant tango and ballet technique, professional staging, power and suspense, attractive, beautiful, young personalities. They dance in generous classical salon style, preferring close embrace with incredible power, beauty and perfect tango technique. Everybody who saw them say - Patricio and Eva are fantastic!

I took several lessons with them - I can not forget  how a huge hall full of people applauded them - for a beginners lesson! I wish everybody take this lesson. It is not just a lesson, it is a show!

Yesterday, Patricio was equally good. His teaching is the condensed tango knowledge accompanied by vivid dance illustration. Every second of the lesson reveals loads of material. I feel now how complex Tango is. Patricio knows all secrets of technique and is able clearly explain them, precisely emphasizing what is the important. Yes, that is right, I think I know some of what Patricio teaches, a very little part, but I came to it through the painful and expensive experience with observations, analysis, dozens of tapes, hundreds of lessons and years of dance.. And here we are - the Teacher is delivering all that to you on the plate! How lucky his students are!

My partner just came from Argentina where she took classes with dozens of teachers. She said - "he is very detailed", then she danced with Patricio, and she said: "He is a real Argentinean, I love dancing with him. I would like to take his private class!"

Patricio and Eva are unique young Tangueros, equally good at the stage, workshop, and social dance. I wish all the best for them which means that with the help of these talented and knowledgeable people the Tango community will benefit greatly.

What people say: Portland TangoFest 2004, ValenTango 2005 ( search for Patricio on those pages).

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