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Esc - step back , Ctrl or z - where can I click?, s - Auto walking mode

Walk around Alcatraz Prison as if you are there! By clicking on a picture, you can visit any of the famous sites inside. Choose your own route around the cell house. You will be able to see how the jail is built; what the Alcatraz cells in block A and block D look like; where Al Capone was kept; what the "visitation room" looks like. You can observe gun galleries and gun slots; walk around the shower room, dining hall, and barber shop; and see where the inmate entrance was. Be attentive, look around, read the signs, find out Alcatraz's little secrets. While navigating do not forget that you can use Esc key to come back.

There are several exits from the prison building. You can walk all around the island, enjoying panoramas of the bay, Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco. Board a boat to return to the city.