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What We do

Real-code software diagrams - UCDF. This is development of what is described in the paper
Unified Control and Data Flow (UCDF) Diagrams Applied to Software Engineering and other System
on by Igor Polkovnikov
This is what is better than UML. Finally, one can describe actual working software code graphically.

Innovation Club. How to make inventions in technology, art, politics, etc..
The school of Practical Dialectics. Join!

Parallel algorithms of automatic image analysis  
A minor note-on-frets-strings diagram "Perfectly Aligning"
Guitar player, learn how to memorize notes on the fretboard easily
- an invention illustrating unification of two system worlds.
Tango Dancing in San Francisco Argentine Tango Dancing - advances in Kinesiology, human body movements, artificial dancing  
Virtual Tour Photo Magazine
- Hi, I am Click!  
San Francisco Click - an online photo magazine where virtual tours are published. "A unique place on Earth where virtual tours became art." GuestBook | Blog. This is an old project, it requires Java on your computer.

Yes, it was published long before the similar ones.
Virtual Tour CD-ROM Shop Shop for Virtual Tour CDs - It is nice to review them on internet, and free, but the real pleasure is to use the CD version with large pictures and fast access: no downloads. It is a piece of art, handmade. Signed by the artist. Just ask. Only few are left.  
Wiggling Stereo Photo Pictures and Technology Wiggling Stereo Photo Technology - no need for glasses and specialized equipment to perceive depth! Right now on your monitor! Here you can find more how wiggling helps where the flat pictures fail to represent the third dimension: Parallax effect in Photography.  
Make Virtual Tours Art Web design: Virtual W Tour solution - you can order virtual tours or you can make these tours yourself. You do not need a Java applet any more. Art work only!  

Most Popular Pages (old virtual tours)

San Francisco Pictures and  Virtual Tours San Francisco Virtual Tour - main index page of the virtual tours around the city. Here is another useful page: San Francisco Virtual Tourist Info, a collection of links to find all you need while travel or make a tour to San Francisco Bay Area.  
Alcatraz Alcatraz. Make a tour to Alcatraz right now! This virtual Tour contains 725 pictures and covers all views of and from the famous island and the prison.  
Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge. A collection of pictures and Virtual Tours with the views of the bridge. You can even make a walk across the bridge as if you are there.  
Las Vegas Pictures and Virtual Tour Las Vegas pictures. A virtual tour along Las Vegas Boulevard at day and at night. Get the CD, it is breathtaking!  

Other things: Software Engineering and Image Analysis

  Software consulting - state of the art software design and production. Most complex tasks and optimal solutions. If you have a problem, we can solve it for you! Reliable, maintainable, exemplary object-oriented code, and full set of documentation guaranteed!  

Image Analysis Program - we can solve most complicated problems in automatic image analysis, industrial machine vision, and image recognition. Years of experience. Industrial machine vision applications, medical imaging, genetics, artificial intelligence. Our flagship image analysis program ImageWarp, marketed in cooperation with the imaging hardware leader BitFlow, serves as a basis for customized applications to keep your cost and time of development low.

SDK for Gigabit Ethernet digital cameras. The SDK provides developers with an easy integration of GigE cameras to multiple programming languages. 

  San Francisco Bay Area TRIZ society  
  Blog and thoughts  

Igor Polkovnikov,
Yes San Francisco LLC

Yes San Francisco LLC is located in San Francisco Bay Area
operating in California, Unites States of America, and worldwide.

Yes San Francisco, LLC was founded in February 2002 to realize the idea of a Virtual Walking Tour. Here is the private profile of the founder Igor Polkovnikov.