Unique gift idea: buy the best San Francisco souvenir

A unique opportunity to visit San Francisco virtually-
a Windows CD-ROM with a virtual trip around a real city.

Not that type of "virtual" which just causes confusion and disappointment. "Virtual" in the real modern sense of the word: like being there.

If you like to travel, visit places, stroll around a city absorbing its spirit and views, if you are curious, this CD is for you.

All 3958 photographs are of the highest professional quality - 600x800 pixels in size - large. We used Nikon digital cameras and manually improved every picture with specialized software. 

You may go forward from any location with a mouse click. In many places you may turn right or left, turn around. Check all directions. That is how you find new ways around the city. Watch for cursors. They will blink once on a new image in several places. This way they show you what happens when you click there. Come back from any location to the previous one with the Esc keyboard key or with a click in the upper left-hand corner of the picture. Sometimes you may close-up to review an item or to magnify a distant object. In some places you can take a bike or fly.

There are 65 starting locations for one giant path around the city . But they are just beginning of the routes. There are dozens of paths hidden in the maze of these routes. All of them are interconnected, so from any place ( except Alamo Square ) you can find a way to any other place.

On some routes you will go along streets or trails, on others around parks and attractions . You can look at skyscrapers, shops, and monuments. There are a lot of flowers and boats to see. Go along the Golden Gate Bridge and all around Fisherman's Wharf. Climb to the top of Twin Peaks and Coit Tower. Enjoy numerous panoramic locations. There are some quite intricate labyrinthine locations such as Yerba Buena Garden, Commercial Street, and the Jeremiah O'Brien military ship. Solve them as puzzles.

There is so much to see in San Francisco. So many people visit the city every year. They are not wrong in their choice of vacation. It is one of the most interesting and visited places on Earth. But it is worthwhile to check it out yourself before spending money and time on tours.

We have made all possible efforts to assure and verify the quality of this product, so if you are not excited about the CD you purchased, e-mail us and we will immediately refund all your money. At any time. No questions asked. Guaranteed.

We would like to call it a game. Yes, it is a guide, a photo album, a photo gallery, but even more than that, it is also an interesting game. Where is the game element? Discovering the city. History has left its imprints on the streets of San Francisco. Reward yourself with the sense of discovery.

Another interesting gaming task is to find a way from one starting location to another. Watch the pictures, they contain clues, information, signs, landmarks.This is like the Myst game.

Do children like it? Yes, they do. Even small children love to browse around. A unique educational game.

Visit a real city
Meet real people, enjoy real attractions, discover real little secrets. In comparison to other "virtual" realities, this reality is as close to real reality as modern technology allows.
San Francisco City Guide
This is a city guide on CDROM where you go around the city as if you are there.
Get most of it - buy the CD !
Experience San Francisco to the full extent. The transition from small pictures to large ones has a breath-taking effect.
The images are large
The size of the images is 800x600 pixels. Preview San Francisco photos.
Browse for hours
This is a good San Francisco souvenir , a unique gift idea. There is nothing like it. It's small and interactive, though very simple. One can browse through San Francisco for hours. The average photo book contains 100-200 pictures. The CD includes 3958 high quality images and a unique navigation method. Add this CD to your San Francisco memorabilia.
Why there are so many images?
San Francisco is a very rich city. So many places, so many attractions. Usually tourists just see the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, images on the CD are arranged in relation to each other: "Turn right, turn left, go forward, and more..."
Save time
If you are planning a trip to San Francisco, the CD  can serve  as a travel guide . There are so many interesting places. Find out ahead of time what you would like to visit. Prepare for your trip and save your time.
No risk
If you are not excited about the CD you purchased, e-mail us and we will immediately refund all your money. At any time. No questions asked. Guaranteed.
Get it
Don't wait. Buy now. Search the whole Web, there is nothing even remotely like our site and our CD. Reserve your own copy.
Low price
Thanks to Internet technology the price is low.
Get a version with large pictures. Switch your Internet browser to a full screen mode, type s , and watch how the program intelligenty guides you around. Screen saver quality images. Entertainment for days.
No installation required. Just stick the CD into a computer. The program starts itself.

With some older CDROM drives you will have to double click or drag the "DragMeToWebBrowser.htm" to your Internet browser.

Thank you

San Francisco Tour

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