Unified Control Data Flow Diagrams for Software Engineering (UCDF), Reference and Examples

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UCDF Reference


Legend and Control Blocks;

Data Holders, Data Flow, Documents;

Conditions. Informational Content of Control Flow;

Types, Classes, and Modules;

Modules and interweaving control and data flows;

Classes and Virtual Functions;

Location and Creation of Objects;


Flows make visualization more compact

Pointers, references, addresses, callbacks, delegates, etc.;



State Machines;


Windows Help

Windows Program Backbones -
a UCDF diagram of the project generated by Visual Studio 2017
as a Windows Desktop Application

Subclassing C# window into C++ (Calling native unmanaged C++ from C#);

Library example: description of some functions of the win32 backbone interface;

Real-world Examples

Templates. An example from a book.

Here is the medium-level software diagram which unifies functional and component diagrams;

This is another diagram of the same kind;

This is a top level software diagram;

With the same style, one can diagram a manufacturing device;

or the whole production line;


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