Tete and Silvia in Mountain View, 2008

Photography Igor Polk, 2008. Note: These images are copyrighted. Do not copy them without my permission, please, respect my work !

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Tete is one of the formemost argentinean tango dacers whos dancing invluenced the develpment of modern popularity in tango. Thanks to Daniel Trenner who popularized him, Tete's fluid, musical, catching, Cadencia-reach dancing stunned many and sparkled a desire to dance tango better. But not many could get what Tete was conveying.

Here are some photos of this icon of the modern Argentine Tango at Alberto's dancing club in Mountain View. Thank Dorcas who brought him here, I was able to observe, and photograph, and dance with this legendary couple, my first tango teachers..

Tete Apilado with Lean- Tete is dancing Apilado style with lean even though he does not admit it (no wonder, he does not need to lean very much ;) )
Tete- Yes, this is the way she dances with him !
Tete's embrace- Tete's embrace. Fingers are spread to feel her better. This is an old style of the palm position, and this is not only the place fingers can be touching her.
Thank you, Master !
Tete flying - Tete's flight: a demonstration of the ability to lead without arms and without breaking embrace ( no "elastic embrace" ). This is an essential tango skill. Tete is a master in it.
Tete, Silvia, and Dorcas- Tete and Silvia with Dorcas
Silvia, Tete's long time dancing partner


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Copyright©2008 Igor Polk, Do not copy it without permission ! Please, respect my work.
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