Tango Practica in San Francisco open all day every day!

Message from Roberto on May 5, 2005

Barrio Tango Practica in the Bay Area that is open all day!
The idea for the Day Practica was born out of the common vision and desire
to have - as San Francisco is a major city with a large Tango community with
good dancers - a central place that is accessible Monday through Saturday,
and that carries the Essence of the Tango : a place where community happens,
where everyone who shares the joy and passion for the dance is welcome, a
place with the absence of competition, a place where there is access to
Professional Training , as well as where Beginners don't feel intimidated,
where Tango events can happen, where Tango Teachers from all over the world
are welcome to teach.
This is our first month. We have a core group of people working passionately
on making this vision a reality: we want to invite you to join the Practica,
come by and dance and make use of this wonderful studio space. To keep
expenses at a minimum, we offer either a monthly membership, or by drop-in
whenever you wish, offering as many hours of use of studio floor as you
wish, including the classes after 7 pm. If you like to dance several times a
week, you can be an ongoing member and pay monthly, taking all the classes
and coming as often as you wish. The monthly membership fee is $ 100,
offering unlimited use of the dance floor and including all the classes, or
by drop-in for $ 15 per day, including a class. If you are a Teacher, you
are welcome to drop in for free and also offer your classes here.
The Barrio Tango Practica is open Monday through Friday 10 am - 9 pm.
Classes start at 7 pm through 9 pm. Please phone at (415) 333 4680 for
address and directions or www.barriotango.com
We are located close to City College, close to bart Station, right by 280,
about 20 minutes from the GG Bridge, if you come from the North.
Looking forward to see you at the Practica!

Barrio Tango Cayuga
1501 Cayuga Ave
SF CA 94112