Independent OnLine Publisher Association of San Francisco

San Francisco Click

- I am Click. I am on-line Virtual Tour Photo Magazine published independently on-line by Yes San Francisco, LLC, an enterprise of Igor Polk. I propose to all interested parties an OnLine Publisher Association. There is one already, but I do not think it represents my need nor is interested in bringing me as a member.

I want it to be useful for publishers-authors who would like and do represent themselves, and are interested to do so in future. Let us keep true Web spirit.

What I propose for now.

1. We can meet once a month and discuss topics of mutual interest. I am sure even to get to know each other is very useful in this world.

2. To become a member, you have to have a popular website populated by authors. By invitation only.

3. Each of the members will make a root page where all member are listed. The page can be registered in a WebRing. On the same page we can keep contents of the holding site. We can exchange banners and text.

Well, that is about it.

Here is the list of suitable websites and authors I know of and I'd like to invite:

So, please, e-mail me if you have any questions.


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